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1. What are new non-traditional provider models being used today, especially by Primary Care Providers? What are the benefits? What areas of opportunity might they have?

2. What is the definition of Operations Management in the Healthcare environment? What tools do you need to have in place to be successful?

3. Review a journal utilizing the concept of collaboration in e-SCM and give your group's view on the benefits or aspects of supply chain collaboration undertaken?

Reference no: EM132184737

Calculate the average rate

Carpet city recorded the following data on carpet instalations over th past week. Use the data to calculate the average rate (in yards per hour) at which carpet can be insta

Slightly cheaper brand that is of a slightly lesser quality

Tony contracts with Paulie for Paulie to build him a house. They contract for a particular brand of pipes to be used. However, Paulie decides to use a slightly cheaper brand t

Discuss the use of pert/cpm techniques

Question: Discuss the use of PERT/CPM techniques for managing projects. Describe what PERT/CPM does. Discuss advantages and disadvantages of using it. What other techniques mi

Management plan for natural disasters and security breaches

The administration at St. John's Hospital takes pride in its sound policies and procedures for the protection of confidential client information. In fact, it serves as a model

Role of responsibility in management

Given the role of responsibility in management, can you think of some examples that demonstrate your ability to accept responsibility? How has accepting responsibility helped

Using the concept of learning curves for estimating

Using the concept of Learning Curves for Estimating, consider the following scenario and respond to each question (all work should be shown in Word document): Suppose that you

How much safety stock would be required at the dc

The chain is considering centralizing the inventory of the T650 to a distribution center that will serve all 49 stores. How much safety stock would be required at the DC to

Complete the scoring model

Complete the scoring model. Show all your work. Tell which project you would pick first, second, third and last. How confident are you with each choice? If you lack confidence


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