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1. Up to three standard deviations above or below the centerline is the amount of variation that statistical process control allows for

a. Type I errors

b. about 95.5% variation

c. natural variation

d. all types of variation

e. assignable variation

2. Which of the following is not true when explaining why productivity tends to be lower in the service sector than in the manufacturing sector?

a. Services are typically labor-intensive.

b. Services are often difficult to evaluate for quality.

c. Services are often an intellectual task performed by professionals.

d. Services are difficult to automate.

e. Service operations are typically capital intensive.

3. Which of the following statements concerning the operations management decision is relevant to services?

a. There are many objective quality standards.

b. The customer is not involved in most of the process.

c. The work force's technical skills are very important.

d. Labor standards vary depending on customer requirements.

e. Ability to inventory may allow the leveling of the output rates.

4. Which of the following statements regarding project management is false?

a. Gantt charts give a timeline for each of a project’s activities, but they do not adequately illustrate the interrelationships between the activities and the resources.

b. A project organization works best for a project that is temporary but critical to the organization.

c. A project organization works well when the work contains simple, independent tasks.

d. Gantt charts and PERT/CPM are never used together.

e. All of the above are false.

Reference no: EM13856982

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