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1. Identify the factors that need to be considered when formulating operational plans, define scope & objective, analyse internal & external factors that may affect plan.

2. Develop an operational plan for a hospitality enterprise that meets all relevant legal, social, environmental and ethical obligations. Clearly identify timelines, priorities & responsibilities

3. Develop appropriate administrative systems, consult with appropriate colleagues, and initiate communication strategies & evaluation systems

4. Implement an operational plan for a hospitality enterprise and identify the strategies used to support colleagues, provide progress reports & assess the need for additional support &/or resources.

5. Monitor and evaluate an operational plan to identify its success or shortcomings and make changes to increase its effectiveness.

Summary:The assignment in management deals with operational plan and marking scale. Operational plan pertaining to a hospitality enterprise is given in detail in the solution. The operational plan is an important plan or preparation which gives guidelines regarding the role and responsibilities of each and every operation at all levels in the business.

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