Operation of the global monetary and financial system
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Debate either as a Keynesian or a Monetarist and present your arguments on a resolution to the curr

On completion of this module students will:

1. Attain a critical understanding of the nature of the operation of the global monetary and financial system.

2. Demonstrate a critical understanding of the links between monetary theory and the operation of international financial markets

3. Develop an in-depth understanding of the nature of financial products and their use.

4. Critically understand the nature of different types of financial risk and the importance of risk management.

Ability Outcomes

On completion of this module students will be able to:

1. Assess the effectiveness of international financial markets and institutions.

2. Analyse the impact of different types of risk and uncertainty on financial institutions.

3. Locate the origins, nature and causes of national and global financial crises.

4. Use case study material to evaluate the impact of different types of financial crises on national economies.

5. Use appropriate economic theory to discuss the causes and examine the consequences of financial crises.

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