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"I would like to use LP, but it's a technique that operates under conditions of certainty. My plant doesn't have that certainty; it's a world of uncertainty. So LP can't be used here." Do you think this statement has any merit? Why or why not? Explain why the manager may have said it and then further substantiate his argument or compose a rebuttal. (LO 1, 4, 5)

Reference no: EM13703952

What is the accounting rate of return

Beyer Corporation is considering buying a machine for $34,000. Its estimated useful life is five years, with no salvage value. Beyer anticipates annual net income after ta

Concepts regarding net operating income

Net operating income would increase by $51,830 per year. Net operating income would decline by $36,330 per year. Net operating income would increase by $20,830 per year. Net

Determining the linear regression

Use the spreadsheet data provided for US Airways. The Excel file is posted on Moodle in the Regression Assignment folder. Select one of the following costs as a dependent vari

Constructive receipt argument

A taxpayer, who uses the cash method of accounting for tax purposes, received income in 1989, 1990, 1991 and 1992 for illegal espionage activities performed in 1985.

Ways to control an organization

There are a lot of ways to control an organization. One is through structure, rules, policies and procedures. Another is through inspiring and motivating employees to embrac

Promulgating and implementing accounting principles

What is the distinctive difference between the United States focus on promulgating and implementing accounting principles and that of other countries?

Accounting depreciation

Calculate Alexandra's maximum depreciation deduction for 2011 for the computer, assuming she doesn't make the election to expense or take bonus depreciation.

Big contributor to the problems around executive pay

The following is an extract from the Sunday Times of 8 March 2009: Marc Jobling, the ABI's assistant director of investment affairs said: ‘Pay consultants are a big contribu


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