Operant conditoning relate to this case study

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How does operant conditoning relate to this case study.

Everyday at 12 noon, Paige faces the same dilemma. The local siren sounds to signal the mid-day and Paige’s 4-year old daughter, Natasha begin to cry. This was not always the case, but a month ago, there was a small kitchen fire at their residence. The day of the fire Robyn attempted to put out the fire with an extinguisher but decided it was better to call 911. Paige grabbed Natasha and ran out of the house. Men and women hurried out of large, loud trucks wearing black suits and helmets. They seemed to storm onto her property and into her house, and Natasha was left confused and afraid by the experience. Since then, almost like clockwork, every day when the siren sounds, Natasha clings to her mother and burst into tears. Paige has discovered the fastest way to comfort her daughter is to give her a lollipop. When she receives candy, Natasha calms down immediately. Paige, however, is not convinced that she is doing the right thing as a parent.

Reference no: EM13329844

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