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Saying No to job applicants. Your company interviewed Kenyon Patterson for an opening in the marketing trainee program. Kenyon had good recommendations and some experience, but his grade point average wasn't outstanding. You interviewed other candidates who looked as if they would be a better fit for your organization. As the hiring manager, you want Kenyon to know that he was not selected so that he can continue his job search. Your Task: Write a brief rejection letter to Kenyon Patterson using the indirect pattern to lessen the blow. Be very careful in your explanation to avoid charges of discrimination or wrongful actions.

Reference no: EM131420001

Explain in your own words the feasable region

Explain in your own words the feasable region, how it is found and what it represents. How does the feasable region relate to the corner points method and in finding the optim

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A general term covering types of strategic decisions that determine whether or not companies will acquire new businesses, and if so, what kinds of businesses they will acquire

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Why do we judge social issues like these ethnocentrically

Bigamy—the practice marrying more than one person—is strongly condemned in the United States, but it is accepted in some cultures. Sending aging parents to retirement homes ra

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Why is socialization important? How did Oxana’s socialization contribute to her personality and behavior? How would this theory describe her upbringing and behavior?

Explain how group cohesiveness influences productivity

In your group there is a stubborn donkey who will never change his opinion no matter what; an entertaining but constantly chattering, mischief-making monkey; and a peacock who


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