Online learning versus traditional learning

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Topic: Online learning versus Traditional learning

For your final project in this course, the critical essay, evaluate the primary article related to your chosen topic for the validity and credibility of its argument. In addition, construct your own counterargument to the claim of the primary article, using logic and supporting evidence and identifying any bias you bring to the argument. This critical essay is an expression of all that you have learned and accomplished in this course

Reference no: EM131400455

Spending on military good

Autonomous spending is the spending done when no income is coming in. Increased spending on military good while it is a sale to that supplier, it does not necessary lead to

Importance of understanding traits

Discuss the importance of understanding traits, skills, and the styles approach to leadership during the process of leadership development.

What are the ethical implications

Discuss with your learning team the importance of information security in the workplace. What are the effects on individual rights to privacy? What are the ethical implicati

Develop an analytics-driven organization

In a 250-500 word paper, describe the ways in which the organization you identified has utilized or will utilize the talent and resources to develop an analytics-driven orga

Amount of loretta taxable income

Loretta incurs the following deductible expenses: $2,500 in state income taxes, $3,000 in local property taxes, $900 in medical expenses, and $3,000 in charitable contributi

Write an eight to ten page project paper

write an eight to ten page project paper:- Business Introduce your business idea.-Describe the Business type (new business, franchise, operating business) and include rational

Design code of ethics that can generalized to organizations

Use the information from your reading and research to design a code of ethics that can be generalized to a variety of organizations. Present your code of ethics in a paper o

Describe what conditions would need to be in place in order

In your initial post, discuss whether you would encourage or discourage this and why. Describe what conditions would need to be in place in order for a 360-degree appraisal


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