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1. IBM is one of the world's great business success stories because of its ability to reinvent itself to satisfy shifting customer needs in a(n) __________ global marketplace.






2. Establishments primarily engaged in selling grain and small farm products to retail feed stores would be classified as



ultimate consumers.



3. One of the sales growth strategies Amazon considered early on is __________.

sales of books

sales of consulting services

sales of original paintings and wall art

selling Amazon's distribution centers

sales of greeting cards and invitations

4. A wholesaler that carries a narrow range of products and performs all channel functions is referred to as a __________.

general merchandise wholesaler

truck jobber

specialty merchandise wholesaler

rack jobber

drop shipper

5. Off-price retailers, warehouse clubs, and grocery stores that require customers to bag their groceries provide what level of retail service?






6. The wholesalers that perform all channel functions and are found in the health foods, automotive parts, and seafood industries would be __________.

specialty wholesalers

full-line wholesalers


universal wholesalers

cash and carry wholesalers

7. The four major types of limited-service merchant wholesalers are drop shippers, rack jobbers, truck jobbers, and __________.

machine vendors

credit line wholesalers

transport vendors

cash and carry wholesalers

container transport vendors

8. Multichannel retailers are retailers that

sell different products through entirely different channels.

sell through different channels under different brand names.

utilize strategic and tactical wholesalers.

utilize and integrate a combination of traditional store formats and nonstore formats.

combine two channels for their offerings: one for products and the other for services.

9. Sales of goods and services to consumers through personal interactions and demonstrations in their home or office is referred to as direct selling, or __________.

person-to-person sales

interactive selling

door-to-door retailing

individual promotion

customized selling

10. Jane Westerlund owns a small retail picture frame store in a local strip mall. She just bought 10 picture frames from a promising woodworker for $36 each. Based on market conditions, she will sell these for $100 each. What is her markup in dollar terms?






Reference no: EM132279857

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