One method to measure and monitor success
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Please use my only references.

Company: The Procter and Gamble Product: Scope V.S Competitor Company: Johnson & Johnson Product:

Listerine in #11 One method to Measure and Monitor Success (leave the word evaluation out)


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http://us.pg.com/our_brands (Scope)
http://www.listerine.com/ (Listerine)


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The companies can introduce creative techniques for managing their operations in an effective way. The success of the company is mainly depending upon the effectiveness of the strategies implemented. In this paper we are analyzing the strategies implemented by the company P&G for managing the competition of the product Scope.
Keywords (P&G, Creative strategies, Scope)

Product Overview
P&G is an American based multi-national company which has operations in more than 70 countries. The company mainly concentrated on consumer packaged goods and services. The company generating its 30% of revenue from the US and they are also focusing on different customer centers and segments. In order for managing the competition in a productive way, the company introduced product called Scope in the year of 1996. Scope is a mouthwash product which provides freshness and refreshing sensation. The product is available in different varieties and colors. The company used ground-breaking outlast technology for ensuring the quality of the product. The product created great demand in the market, in which the company offered three basic variants of product:

• Scope classic mouthwash
Scope classic mouthwash used mint flavor for giving the refreshing the experience to the customers. The company provides 99% safety for the product and scope classic mouthwash is also available in lemon flavor
• Scope outlast mouthwash
Scopes outlast mouthwash used long lasting mint for ensuring the quality of the product. The company stated by using this product the customers can able to kill the germs in an effective way.
• Scope sparkle mouthwash
Scope sparkle mouthwash used mint flavor for giving the refreshing experience to the customers.

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