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The techniques of scientific management were given by Friederick W. Taylor that emphasis on increasing the labor productivity through division of labor. Scientific management can be described as the systematic study of relationships between the people and work in order to redesign the work for increasing the efficiency of workers (Wood and Wood, 2002). 

According to Taylor, the productivity of employees can be increased by reducing the time and effort that the workers use in producing a unit of good or service. This increases the efficiency of workers due to specialization and differentiation of labor (Wood and Wood, 2002). 

Scientific management deals with the utilization of scientific principles in the workplaces in order to reduce the time involve in the production of goods and services. Human Resource Managers can make the use of scientific principles for enhancing the productivity of the workers. Human Resource Managers could implement the principle and practices that helps in the division of labor and increases the efficiency of the production process. This result in increasing the motivation level of workers and help the human resource mangers to build strong relationship with the workers. Human Resource Managers can implement the principles and practices that help in organizing the work in a scientific manner and evolve ''One Best Way'' for performing a task. This will prove largely beneficial for the Human Resource Mangers to resolve all the problems of workforce related to the reduction process and increase the productivity and profitability of an organization. Thus, it can say that scientific management techniques are largely helpful in enhancing the motivation level of employees and thereby increase employee productivity. 

Wood, J. C. & Wood, M. C. (2002). F. W. Taylor: Critical Evaluations in Business and Management. Taylor & Francis

Requirement: -  
Frank and Lillian Gilbreth were followers of Frederick Taylor. (You may know of them from the book Cheaper by the Dozen.) They collaborated on the development of motion study as an engineering and management technique. Frank Gilbreth was much concerned with the relationship between human beings and human effort, and his work in improving brick-laying in the construction trade is a good example of his approach. He observed that workers developed their own peculiar ways of working, that no two used the same method, and that individuals did not always use the same motions in the course of their work. These observations led him to seek one best way to perform tasks. He developed many improvements in brick-laying, reducing the number of motions made in laying a brick from 18 to 4 1/2. 

The Gilbreth''s originated micro-motion study, a breakdown of work into fundamental elements now called therbligs (derived from Gilbreth spelled backwards). These elements were studied by means of a motion-picture camera and a timing device which indicated the time intervals on the film as it was exposed. After Frank Gilbreth''s death, Dr. Lillian Gilbreth continued the work and extended it into the home in an effort to find the "one best way" to perform household tasks. She has also worked in the area of assistance to the handicapped, as, for instance, her design of an ideal kitchen layout for the person afflicted with heart disease. 

What are your thoughts on the "one best way" to do things at work? 

Need 250-300 words.  

Reference no: EM13561515

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