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1. Based on ideas and examples from the readings and films, how real or unreal are the social realities created by groups?  Your answer should reflect that you have read/viewed and understood especially from Asch, Weick, Ginnet, Triumph of the Will and Milgram (the film, Obedience isavailable athttp://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTQzMzQ2MjI0.html).  Triumph of the Will can be found on Youtube.  (Links for the films are on Blackboard under "Content/Readings")


2.  Leadership is one of the big important variables affecting outcomes in group management/communication. Three types of leadership styles are commonly discussed in classes on group communication: laissez faire, autocratic and democratic/consensual.  Figure out what these styles consist of from online sources.  Using materials the reading, discuss leadership styles in the various articles and how they affected outcomes for the groups.  Is one better than another-or does it depend on circumstances? If so what kind of circumstances?

As always, use proofs/evidence from the readings/films.  Organize your writing, start with a clear thesis statement.  No more than five pages total length.

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