Older star wars movies

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This Essay needs to be on the older Star Wars movies (before 1990) not the new one's.

I've never seen Star Wars so if your a fan, this should be extremely easy.

With this assignment please : notice the following design elements and jot them down on a piece of paper for future reference:  You don't have to comment on every one of these design elements, just one's you feel fit.

1.Color film or Black & White?
2.Screen Format / Aspect Ratio
3.Settings and color schemes
4.Characters' living spaces and offices
5.Costumes & Make-up
6.Lighting: bright scenes; dark scenes, etc.
7.Feelings associated with the images of the film and the story
8.The most memorable scene
9.The scene you like the best
10.The scene you like the least
11.The most disturbing scene if there is one...
12.Reoccuring visual symbols and / or objects
13.Scene transitions / rhythms
After you have viewed each film, jot down some notes where you compare and contrast the films to each other. Which film has the better design? Which film has a more lasting impact on the viewer? Use these notes in Part Two below.

Reference no: EM13144516

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