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Subject: Office Automation and Group Collaboration Software/ Advantages & Disadvantages

The purpose of this memorandum is to discuss and describe what office automation and group collaboration software is used within my organization which is the finance section of the SMD/Procurement. I will be describing the advantages and disadvantages of the software that is used. Any software can be a good thing or it can be a bad thing on the company that is why proper research should be done before use of the software.

Office Automation

The basis of having software is to create a better atmosphere to solve situations and perform everyday tasks ran by the computer. In our database we have a lot of different software that we use. I believe in our wholesale department; the IS director created her own system in which she tracks the errors of all the employees; so that we will know what errors we are making at the end of each month. She will be upgrading it so that we can get error sheets each day to improve on this. This is proprietary software. The advantage of having this software is you get what you need because you are creating it to suit you. on the downside it may take to long to get through all the development phases and it may cause issues in the long run that cannot be solved. Making your own rules and creating your own guidelines for software can be whether convenient; but at the same time it has its downfalls. Management has to make sure that they agree with the person creating the different programs to suit the business needs and they need to train more than one person on the same thing. So in absence the procedures can be followed.

Reference no: EM13915159

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