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Q. Donald's debt to Everett is past due. Everett brings a legal action against Donald to collect the debt. To ensure which a judgment in Everett's favour will be collectible, Everett asks the court to order the seizure of Donald's property. This is a request for

a. An order which would violate most state laws.

b. A write of attachment.

c. A write of execution.

d. A guaranty (or surety ship) contract

Larry borrows money from Joan. To use a write of execution as a remedy, Joan must first

a. Be unable to redeem Larry's exempt property before a sale will occur.

b. Notify Larry in writing (in a "writ") of her intent.

c. Obtain also maintain possession of Larry's property.

d. Be unable to collect the amount of a judgment against Larry.

Reference no: EM1394520

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