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A sample of n = 16 observations is drawn from a population that is normally distributed with mean 1,000 and standard deviation 200. What is P(mean ≥1100)?

Reference no: EM132191869

Environment operations to use this alternative

Instead of representing a frame as a pair of lists, we can represent a frame as a list of bindings, where each binding is a name-value pair. Rewrite the environment operatio

Probability that student is a united states citizen

A class contains 30 students. Ten are female (F) and U.S. citizens (U); 12 are male (M) and U.S. citizens; 6 are female and non-U.S. citizens (N); 2 are male and non U.S. ci

What is the lowest score that nandan can get

To get a C in history, Nandan must average 74 on four tests. Scores on the first three tests were 69, 74, and 65. What is the lowest score that Nandan can get on the last te

Draw conclusions about the population proportion

Discuss whether you think the Fundamental Rule for Using Data for Inference would allow Maria to draw conclusions about the population proportion based on the sample proport

Find statistical significance and practical significance

What is the difference between statistical significance and practical significance? Can a hypothesis test result be statistically significant and yet practically useless.

Resulting from tossing a coin

Let X1,..., Xn be a random sample recorded as heads or tails resulting from tossing a coin n times with unknown probability p of heads. Find the MLE pˆ of p. Also using the

Find probability in month there are nine days-precipitation

Find the probability that in a given month a) there are exactly 9 days with 0.01 inch or more precipitation, b) there are at most 9 days with 0.01 inch or more precipitation

Determine standardized test statistic z-corresponding area

Determine standardized test statistic z and its corresponding area. If convenient use technology. z=( ) round to two decimals. Area= ( ).


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