Observational-correlational and quasi-experimental

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What type of research is this example? Why?

(single case study, observational, correlational, experimental, or quasi-experimental)

A researcher was able to modify the behavior of a mentally impaired eight-year-old girl. The maladaptive behavior was spoon banging during mealtime in school. The researcher measured the girl's behavior before, during and after an intervention where she was immediately given her food upon entering the cafeteria. The research was able to show that this treatment was effective in helping the girl to stop her spoon banging behavior (Horton, 1987).

Reference no: EM13333763

Psychological perspective

Which psychological perspective would most likely be used to study and explain why some animals, such as newly hatched ducks or geese, follow and become attached to (or imprin

Environmental to industry analysis

Review Figure in the text book on page 61. Based on your initial thought, what is the figure most likely trying to convey? Be specific. Then, select any one of the "general

Explanation of the health issues and risks

Consider the following examples of pediatric patients and their families: ?Overweight 5-year-old boy with overweight parents, Example 1: Overweight 5-year-old boy with over

Explain the theories of three individuals who contributed

Explain the theories of three individuals who contributed to the field of psychology as we know it. Be sure to paraphrase (put into your own words) each theory or idea and

Social aspects of science

Mark Erickson (2005), concludes our text by stating, "While it is important to understand the social aspects of science, the reverse may be even more important: that to unde

Letting the politics of our system

With each new election year and possible change of power, are we hurting our policy making process, by letting the politics of our system interfere with what has already bee

Options results in lower total interest costs

Which of these options results in lower total interest costs - A 30-year student loan of $120,000 with an annual interest rate of 3% or a 20-year loan of $120,000 with an upfr

Mutations in oncogenes are dominant-anti-inflammatory

Who received Nobel Prize in Medicine for their discovery in reverse transcriptase? Which of the following drug considered as anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic. Mutations


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