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Attend an event of an Asian American group (cultural festival, rally, traditional wedding, religious celebration) OR visit an Asian American place (e.g., Chinatown, Koreatown, Little Tokyo, Little Saigon, Little India, Montrey Park, Manila Town). This does not mean just going to a movie or to a restaurant with "ethnic" food. Rather, you need to find an event or a place in which you will be in the center of a cultural life of other ethnic group than yours. After you have attended an event or visited the place, summarize your experience (what you observed, what you did, and whom you met), and make an analytic evaluation of that experience by applying what you learned in this course. In this ethnography, I look at

How well you described what you did and what you observed. Observation should include physical surroundings (buildings, colors, smells, streets) and happenings of the place or the event, cultural interactions between people (vendors, customers, visitors, attendees, audiences) including cultural mannerism and language use, etc.

How well you applied your cultural experiences to class topics and class readings.

How well you analyzed your experience through the lens of an Asian American Studies student.

Reference no: EM13475394

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