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1. ________ refers to a third party who is not in privity of contract but who has rights under the contract and can enforce the contract against the promisor.

a. Assignee

b. Sub-assignee

c. Third-party contractor

d. Intended third-party beneficiary

2. Which of the following terms refers to an unconditional and absolute offer by a contracting party to perform his or her obligations under a contract?

a. injunction

b. writ of garnishment

c. tender of performance

d. writ of attachment

3. With regard to undue influence, which of the following is NOT true?

a. It is an equitable doctrine.

b. There must have been a misrepresentation.

c. Contracts made where there was undue influence are voidable by the servient party.

d. Persuasion of the dominant party overcomes the free will of the servient party.

Reference no: EM132233724

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