Obligation to protect firms and controlling a monopoly

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Does the government also have an obligation to protect firms and those controlling a monopoly. For example, let us say you hold a pattern for an important product that you created. Would you feel it would be right if the government made you sell at a much lower price than you could have gotten in the free market?

Reference no: EM132281216

Identify and analyze the perceived and real benefits

Relative advantage is the degree to which a new technology is perceived to be superior to current technology. An company is more likely to adopt new technology when it perceiv

Static member variable to count

Take a static member variable to count how many objects has been created so far. - Declare an array of 10 Student objects. - Finally from your main function manipulate all.

Are these faster or slower than our approach above

Are there other ways to arrange the computations to avoid having 3 copies of the data in memory at once? If so, are these faster or slower than our approach above in read Lo

Slope of a regression of y versus a single x

Discuss what could happen to the slope of a regression of Y versus a single X when an outlier is included versus when it is not included. Will this necessarily happen when a

Start programming in languages like java

When you start programming in languages like Java, C#, C++,etc. you will have basically two option: Use a full-blown IDE like Eclispe, visual studio or to use a basic text e

Antivirus vendors and security services

Many organizations, including antivirus vendors and security services, post information on the Internet about the latest malware threats. Use an Internet search engine to re

Npv analysis without a cost of capital

Do you think the same kind of analysis can or should be done in small companies, non-profits or schools? Given that they don't have publicly traded stocks or bonds how would

Create a friend function that displays a customer number

Create a friend function that displays a customer number and the customer's city, state, and zip code. Write a brief main()function to test the classes and friend function.


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