Objectives of the article analysed bodies of literature
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An article review Prepare a review of your chosen article including a discussion of the following:

- Identification of the objectives of the article analysed Bodies of literature drawn on in the article

- The articles research design

-The articles main findings Implications of the study for accounting theory and practice

- Your review should not exceed 1,000 words and be presented in 12 point font, 1.5 spacing.

- Provide, as the title, the full reference for the article using APA referencing style.


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Article Summary

The article is about the support for fair value of property plan t and equipment against revised draft for IAS 16 and IAS 36 frameworks .It argues that the main aim of financial report is to form a basis for the Conceptual Framework along with many other features of the Framework emerging from it and to give financial information related to the entities of reporting which are valuable to the current and potential lenders, investors and some other creditors which help them in making decision of supplying resources to the entity.

Also, user are directed who supply resources to entity of reporting but they don’t have capability to force the entity for giving them information which they need to make decisions related to their investments. The conceptual framework designed by IFRS initially as per old IAS 16 & IAS 36 regulations play important role in transparency and accountability of valuation of assets.

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