Nutrition issue on children''s growth and development

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Proper health and nutrition is of critical importance to the growth and development of young children, yet many American children suffer from nutrition issues. Choosing either malnutrition or obesity, address the following:

Discuss the short- and long-term impacts of this nutrition issue on children's growth and development.

Describe a specific child (within the early childhood age range of birth to age eight) who has this nutrition issue. This may be a child you know or you can describe a fictitious child.

In your description, address how the child's school day is affected by the issue and describe three specific ways the early childhood teacher addresses the issue in the school or center setting.

Describe three specific ways to combat this nutrition issue that involve collaboration among school, family, and community (e.g., parent education, school breakfast, and lunch programs, etc.).

Reference no: EM13786872

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