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A Nursing home employs attendants who are needed around the clock. Each attendant is paid the same, regardless of when his or shift begins. Each shift is eight consecutive hours. Shifts begin at 2 a.m., 6.a.m, 10 am 2pm, 6pm and 10 pm. The nursing home has a requirement for then umber of attendants to be on duty. During specific time periods as shown in the table at the bottom of this page.

a) What is the minimum number of attendants needed to satisfy the nursing home's requirement

b) The nursing home would like to use the smae number of attendants determined in part (a) but would now like to minimize the total salary paid. Attendants are paid $16 per hour during 8 A.M.-8 PM and receive a 25% premium per hour during 8PM-8 AM. How should the attendants be scheduled.

Write the equations in a WORD document. .

Take a screenshot of SOLVER before you run it

Reference no: EM13991116

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