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NRS-441V: Capstone Project

Writing Guidelines

Write a Report on Topic "Type 2 Diabetes: Professional Capstone Final"

Use the headings listed below and ensure that your papers contain the needed information for each section.

1)      Abstract

a)      Length is between 250-450 words.

b)      Presents a complete, concise overview of all phases of the proposed project

c)      Addresses a problem or issue related to patient care quality

d)     References appropriate evidence-based literature; identifies at least one evidence-based solution that may resolve the problem or issue.

2)      Problem Description

3)      Solution Description

4)      Implementation Plan

5)      Evaluation Plan

6)      Dissemination Plan

7)      Review of Literature

8)      Appendices

9)      APA Style/Mechanics

10)  APA format is used consistently in the proposal for the cover page, page header, margins, in-text citations, double-spacing, font size, and reference page.

a)      Style is consistent with that expected of a formal project proposal.

b)      The highest levels of evidence are used. (Note: Information from Web sites is not considered a professional reference source.)

c)      At least 15 professional references (e.g., books, journal articles) are used to develop the proposal.

d)     At least eight references are peer-reviewed and from quantitative or qualitative research study reports.

e)      Text is free of grammatical, punctuation, typographical, and word-usage errors.

f)       Project proposal is within word length requirements.

Words Limit: 6000

References: #Required

Reference no: EM131124696

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