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You estimate that your cattle farm will generate $0.25 million of profits on sales of $5 million under normal economic conditions and that the degree of operating leverage is 2. (Leave no cells blank - be certain to enter "0" wherever required. Do not round intermediate calculations. Enter your answers in millions.)

a. What will profits be if sales turn out to be $2.5 million?

b. What if they are $7.5 million?

Reference no: EM132234869

What will a share of stock sell for today

If the required return on Storico stock is 13 percent, what will a share of stock sell for today - What is the expected return on a portfolio that is equally invested in the

Determine new book value per share

Atlantic Coast Resources is concerned about its book price per share, which is calculated by dividing the total equity on the balance sheet by the number of outstanding shares

Calculate the difference between the price today

Assignment: Download some futures prices with at least 6 expirations, and 6 call option prices on the same underlying. Data are available, for example, from the CME-NYMEX we

Irrelevant to the capital budgeting decision

1. True or False Opportunity costs are irrelevant to the capital budgeting decision. False 2. True or False Accrual basis income and cash basis income are often different amou

Find a reputable article on the web about

Find a reputable article on the web about how to make your market portfolio an efficient portfolio (or how to win at the stock market). Describe the article (in a few paragr

Which investment would be chosen

Assume that an investor is offered a choice of a risk-free government bond or a high-risk corporate stock. Further assume that the expected return is the same for both. Acco

What is net value of payments vs. receipts in today dollars

Carol Thomas will pay out $6000 at the end of the year 2, 8000 at the end of year 3 and receive 10000 at the end of year 4. With an interest rate of 13%, what is the net val

Difference between accounting income and economic income

What is the book value of the building as of January 1, 2011? Assuming that Barry's estimates are correct, what is the economic value of the building? In your opinion, did B


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