Normal diploid number of chromosomes

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Suppose a sperm cell with the normsl haploid number of chromosomes fertilizes egg cell that does not have haploid number haploid of chromosomes. will the offspring have the normal diploid number of chromosomes? Explain your answer

Reference no: EM131051841

Energy production in the presence

If an organism (capable of aerobic respiration) is given glucose as an energy source what would happen in terms of its energy production in the presence or absence of oxygen,

How might drift prevent selection from acting

one of the basic tenets of evolution by natural selection is that evolution requires variation upon which selection acts. How might drift prevent selection from acting?

What pressure is exerted by box where it rests

Such examination would be costly and it would be tricky to ensure that all unforseen consequence was examined. Given issues discuss whether you believe society should continue

Explain the dynamics of population growth on the environment

Explain the dynamics of population growth on the environment. Explain the concept of regulation of population growth through community interactions. Evaluate the effects of

Who is the father

a woman with type A blood has a child with type O blood. three men claim to be the father. Man 1 has B blood type, Man 2 has type O blood, and Man 3 has AB type blood. who i

Determine the gene frequency of beaker

If you pour 50 blue beads into a 250 ml beaker and you randomly take 50 beads from the beaker and place them in a 100 ml beaker (#1). Then you pour 50 green beads and 50 yello

Discuss in detail how fungi get their nutrition

Discuss in detail how fungi get their nutrition. Relate this mode of nutrition to how a bed of fungal hyphae can so rapidly breakdown organic materials such as fallen leaves

Describe three mechanisms for receptor desensitization

Continuous exposure of a Gs protein –coupled receptor toits ligand leads to a phenomenon known as desensitization. Describe three mechanisms for receptor desensitization.


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