Nominal christians and professing christians

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1) Is it accurate to say that some people (both nominal Christians and professing Christians) believe that they can have a relationship with the Father directly without going through Christ first utilizing the Holy Spirit?

2) How can this be applied to a believer's Personal, Practical, and Ministry Work?

Reference no: EM13898987

Elaborate a bit on the subject of without god wrath

1.) Can you please elaborate a bit on the subject of "Without God's wrath He is simply not loving in the sense that the Bible portrays His love"? 2.) How might understanding

Origin and development of the universe

Do you agree with Feinberg that the origin and development of the universe can be explained in entirely natural terms in virtue of purely natural laws operating over natural

Poison on the papers of book

Information on a book by Aristotle or some philosopher, which was not supposed to be read by priests; whoever read it ended up dying. But in the end, they found out that the

What does a merciful justice mean

What does a merciful justice mean? Does suffering have a meaning? What is its relationship with repentance? What type of cosmological and theological effects can this repent

View of the conflicting religious doctrines

It would seem that in view of the conflicting religious doctrines, the God worshiped in one religion is not the same as that God worshiped in another religion. Note that it

Rebellion and war against romans

Could you summarize the event leading up to the Rebellion and War against Romans by the Jews in 66 BC and then discuss the main points about the Wars between the Jews and Ro

Develop the major criteria of servant leadership behavior

Based upon this literature review, you must develop the major criteria of servant leadership behavior. Though this is an individual assignment, you must include as part of you

Name the elements of creation

Judaism puts a strong emphasis on the power of naming, both by giving Adam the power to name the elements of creation and by restricting the power of humans to name God.


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