Nfectious diseases in haiti after the earth quake
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Address the given point below:

HISTORY OF HAITI :Haiti was founded by a righteous revolution in 1804 and became the first black republic. It was the first country to break the chains of slavery, the first to force Emperor Napoleon to retreat, and the only to aid Simon Bolivar in his struggle to liberate the indigenous people and slaves of Latin America from their colonial oppressors. Tragically this history of liberty and self determination has drawn two centuries of political and economic ire from powerful countries resulting in policies which have served to impoverish the people of Haiti.

  1. Introduction
  2. Haiti geography
  3. Cholera
  4. Risk factors of cholera disease
  5. Source for the onset of cholera disease in hiati
  6. Prevention from the onset of the disease
  7. Precautionary measures to prevent the spread of cholera
  8. Conclusion

Academic requirements:

• Your work must be submitted as  2000 words.

• Student declaration must be completed.

• Your work should be submitted in the formats outlined for each point in the assignment

• All work must be referenced using the Harvard /APA method.

 Provide a reference list 


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Based on the epidemiological, water and sanitation and molecular analysis investigation conducted, the Independent Panel of Expert proposed following conclusion. The evidences provided doesnot support that outbreak of cholera was from a natural source, they state the disease outbreak was due to the strain from Gulf of Mexico and not due to the contamination of Artibonite River with the pathogenic strain. Cholera has been deeply linked with poverty and it is also documented that Cholera thrives in areas full of chaos. Haiti provided a fertile home to the disease as it had both poverty and chaos in full abundance especially after the earthquake. But it is still not clear who should be blamed for this epidemic in Haiti which still continues to disturb the normal life of Haitians (MMWR, 2010). In spite of a cholera vaccine, consuming clean water

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