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Kolby’s Korndogs is looking at a new sausage system with an installed cost of $506,000. This cost will be depreciated straight-line to zero over the project’s four-year life, at the end of which the sausage system can be scrapped for $98,000. The sausage system will save the firm $186,000 per year in pretax operating costs, and the system requires an initial investment in net working capital of $44,000. If the tax rate is 40 percent and the discount rate is 9 percent, what is the NPV of this project?

Reference no: EM131350829

What is the value of the companys inventory at year end

What is the value of the company's inventory at year end? What was the amount of cost of goods sold for the year? What income statement format does the company use? Explain.

Why has the risk management function become more important

Why must a financial manager have an integrated understanding of the five basic finance functions? Why is the corporate governance function considered a finance function?

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Throughout this course, you will be working on a research project, in which you will use statistical techniques. You will also be using Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint to cre

Case study in support of significant technology

Case Study in support of significant technology decision that is to be taken by a fictional company called Aztek that operates in the Australian Financial Services sector.

Explain how the bank would use a swap to achieve objective

It would like to use a swap to synthetically alter the payments on the loan it holds. The rate it could obtain on a plain vanilla swap is 7.25 percent. Explain how the bank

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Develop an ERM Framework and Strategy for presentation to a Government Risk Funding Committee - Determine main reason for failure and devise a strategy to implement certain co

Foreign exchange markets

Foreign exchange markets and the Australian and international economy - the financial pages of newspapers and financial news websites. You are not required to separately refe

Evaluate the project allowing for abandonment

Evaluate whether investment now (time=0) is financially acceptable without using options and now evaluate the project allowing for abandonment at the end of year 1.


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