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The Marketing Department has requested a new report of shipped orders for which the order was placed on either a Saturday or a Sunday. Write a query which displays the order id, order date, shipped date, along with a calculated column labeled "Order_Day" showing the day of the week the order was placed (use the DAYNAME function). Only display orders that have shipped and were placed on a Saturday or Sunday. Sort by order date with most recent orders at the top.

Reference no: EM131386868

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Grace has been playing with the idea of trying to immunize a big chunk of her bond portfolio. She'd like to cash out this part of her portfolio in seven years and use the pr

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Imagine you have been asked to help a novice designer effectively organize his menu content in an application. Provide the novice designer with the advice you feel would be

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A roofer, having a mass of 70 kg, walks slowly in an upright position down along the surface of a dome that has a radius of curvature of If the coefficient of static frictio

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a system that is in an unsafe state is not necessarily deadlocked. explain why this is true. give an example of such a system ( in an unsafe state) and describe how all the

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As your network grows and security items are assessed, other network components need to access the same database of users. What strategies can you employ to provide the othe

Introduction or overview for the security technology

Write a 3 page summary of your research. At a minimum, your summary must include the following: An introduction or overview for the security technology category (Application L

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Calculate the length of a quarter-wave vertical antenna for each of the following services: CB radio at 27 MHz; cordless phone at 49 MHz; FRS at 460 MHz; cellular radio at 8

Write a selenium python test case

How to write a selenium python test case which takes list of dates as input and convert them into some format and checks after sorting the date values are matching or not.


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