New network equipment based on the above description

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I am looking for new ways and suggestions for a PLC communications network in the Mining Industry. Any suggestion who can suggest new technology?

Here is the information:

A fast and reliable PLC communications network is important to ensure that production remains uninterrupted. If equipment failure occurs, time is spent on troubleshooting and repair. Equipment failure due to software or hardware issues can be costly in terms of down time and maintenance. To avoid costly disruptions, it is necessary to keep all technology up to date. Older equipment has long since passed the life cycle and is unreliable resulting in poor performance. Reliable, redundant and modern equipment will help employees to be more productive, ensure safety and save the company unnecessary expenses.

Can anyone draw a document that shows new network topology and if you can explain how the system works?

Can anyone suggest new network equipment based on the above description?

Reference no: EM1325253

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