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Question # 21 People within a group who initiate the work, give new ideas and also collect information about the task, are actually performing: Select correct option: Information collector roles Task oriented roles Relationship oriented roles Individual roles Question #22 several factors radically changed attitudes towards human resource information systems during Select correct option: During the 1960s and 1970s During the 1970s and 1980s During the 1990s and 2000s During the 1950s and 1960s Question # 23 System used to collect, record, store, analyze, & retrieve data related to an organization, is termed as: Select correct option: IS (Information System) MIS (Management Information System) HRIS (Human Resource Information System) DBMS (Data Base Management System) Question # 24 For the selection of pilot, PIA's management took the written test based on the understanding & application of aeronautical
engineering; under which category this test will fall? Select correct option: Reliable test Content-valid test Criterion-valid test Face-valid test Question # 25 Employees quit the organizations at their own choice through Select correct option: Outplacement, restructuring Discharging, layoff Transfer, demotion Resigning, retirement Question # 26 The inner drive that directs a person's behavior towards goal attainment is known as: Select correct option: Performance Motivation Need Attitude Question # 27 As being part of an organization, it is an employee's __________ to align his/her actions according to the set rules & policies. Select correct option: Right Responsibility Task Contractual right Question # 28 Which of the following skill/s is/are required for an effective team? Select correct option: Problem-solving skills Technical skills Interpersonal skills All of the given options Question # 29 The physical or psychological condition induced in workers by overwork or overexposure to stress in the workplace, is known as: Select correct option:
Exhaustion Burnout Collapse Fatigue Question # 30 Which of the following role a manager performs as a Resource allocator? Select correct option: Interpersonal role Decisional role Informational role Supportive role

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