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1. Some individuals believe that online learning is a hoax. Also, these same individuals believe that traditional classroom learning is the only way to learn. Let us go one step further with this line of thinking, but in the context of management. Some organizations believe that managers must be groomed for several years before they are allowed to work with global contracts or travel. However, I have a proposition for everyone to consider. I believe that many online students are becoming "globally savvy" and could upset the management tables. In fact, I strongly believe that many master's students in the fields of management, human resources management, and business administration could actually benefit from doing a management trainee program overseas. What are you thoughts? Also.... And yes, you know I had to throw out one more condition here - do you think you could design a special management training program for new MBA graduates from NOVA? Please share with us your thoughts on this topic.

2. Imagine that you were just hired to be the new HRM trainer for new software company. However, in just one week, you have seen how everyone keeps to their own department and communication is limited (even in the lunchroom). The president of the company has invited you to lunch. He informs you at lunch that he wants his company to become a learning organization. STOP.... Can he be for real? Yes, he can and you must start training the employees in the way of becoming a learning organization. What are 3 areas that you consider important for a learning organization to do in order to grow and develop as an organization in this area?

Reference no: EM131315495

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