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Opening a new overseas office

Lanx, a UK-based, textile-manufacturing firm is opening a new plant in Delhi, India. Lanx has enjoyed marked growth in the UK and determines that it can reduce long-term manufacturing costs by having a presence in Delhi. Selected current Lanx managers, who are all UK nationals and have worked in the UK-office for more than 5 years, will relocate and manage Delhi employees onsite. The selected Lanx managers were chosen for their company experience, performance record and ability to lead diverse groups. However, none of the selected managers has had extensive intercultural communication training.


To prepare for this Individual Assignment:

• Review the Unit Introduction and the Learning Resources, including the HR/OB Matrix.

• Familiarise yourself with the scenario organisation assigned by your Faculty Member. Visit the Final Project area on the to explore the details of the project and your scenario organisation. Please note that in order to complete your Final Project, you may have to make some assumptions and add additional details from your own experience and/or other case examples with which you are familiar.

• Consider the transition your scenario organisation is facing and identify HR/OB Matrix relationships relevant to the scenario.

• Think about where your assigned organisation is now and where you would like your organisation to be after the transition. What specific HRM approaches might be relevant?

To complete this Individual Assignment:

• Analyse the current state of the field of strategic HRM in the context of a global environment.

• Include two or three HR/OB Matrix relationships that may occur within your scenario organisation. Explain the pending transition for your scenario organisation and describe where you would like your scenario organisation to be in the future. What strategic HRM approaches may need to be revised and/or what new ones may need to be introduced and why?

• Explain how the revised and/or new HRM approaches might affect staff management's function/role. How might the revised and/or new HRM approaches affect how they manage and/or communicate with their staff? How might they need to adjust to make the approaches effective?

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Reference no: EM13688116

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