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Suppose that new government spending increases lifespans. In our model what should be the effect of this on hours worked per person in a given time period? Does it matter whether government spending adds extra years to the lifespan of living adults without improving their morbidity or if it expands both the peak and end years by equivalent amounts? What evidence exists for the predictions you have made that you are aware of? ( This is one period closed-economy model)

Reference no: EM131391810

What is your value-of-statistical-life

You are indifferent between 2 jobs, which differ in their danger levels and compensation. You can be a crab fisher in the Bering Sea, which pays $70,000 for a 3-month period,

Change in saving rate and therefore the growth rate

Assume that a country is growing at 5% per year. Now the saving rate decreases leadingto a new lower growth rate of 3.3% per year. How will the change in standard of living ov

Discuss how the need for control over foreign operations

Discuss how the need for control over foreign operations varies with firms’ strategies and core competencies. What are the implications for the choice of organizational struct

The number of then-current dollars

If the inflation rate is 6% per year and a person wants to earn a true (real) interest rate of 10% per year, determine the number of “then-current” dollars he has to receive 1

What are benefits and drawbacks of having health program

What are the benefits and drawbacks of having a health program that varies by state versus having one that is uniform across the country? Do you find that the positives of sta

Quantity the curve that is flatter is more elastic

If a two linear demand curve run through a common point than at any given quantity the curve that is flatter is more elastic? Whether buyers or sellers bear the majority of th

Find purely and perfectly competitive industry

Find a purely/perfectly competitive industry. State why this industry is a purely competitive market. Give examples as to why. Please use the dropbox to submit your extra cred

How are prices determined under perfect competition

How are prices determined under perfect competition? Think about a firm that you have done business with recently. What industry does this firm belong to? Is it monopolistic c


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