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Use an ALTER TABLE statement that adds two new columns to the Products table

Add one column for product price that provides for three digits to the left of the decimal point and two to the right. This column should have a default value of 9.99.

Add one column for the date and time that the product was added to the database.

Reference no: EM132281096

Software developments is for developers to analyze

The goal of real world software developments is for developers to analyze, design, program, and test complete applications that solve the needs of the customer. The iLab exerc

Accomplish this via the cli

As you can perform this in the GUI it is also important to understand how to accomplish this via the CLI. Please explain the process for assigning attributes to a file or f

Modify the knight''s tour program

A closed tour occurs when the 64th move is one move away from the location in which the knight started the tour. Modify the Knight's Tour program you wrote to test for a clo

The five essential elements of an enforceable contract

Critical Analysis Paper. Give an example of a contract that you or someone you know entered into (for example, rental agreement, cell phone agreement, property purchase or l

How large will the new output alphabet be

In general, for any input alphabet A and output alphabet B, with |B| = k, if we take a new input alphabet A⊂ A, how many elements will the new output alphabet have? What wil

Determine final contents of cache as hit or miss

Direct mapped cache with 4 word cache line size and total size of 16 word, i.e. initially empty, write each reference in list as hit or miss and illustrate final contents of

Contemporary enterprises have a wide array of network

Contemporary enterprises have a wide array of network and platform security tools from which to choose, and as we have seen in this course there is substantial overlap in the

Identity tangible and intangible benefits of the new payroll

suppose you own a travel agency in a large city you have many clients but growth has slowed somewhat. some long term employees are getting discouraged, but feels that there mi


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