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An HMO has a Point of Service (POS) option for its members, but will pay only 80 percent of approved charges. If a member goes out of network for a medical procedure with a charge of $2,000, of which $1,200 is approved, how much must the member pay?   

Reference no: EM13943599

What is the market value of the outstanding preferred stock

Jones Design wishes to estimate the value of its outstanding preferred stock. The preferred stock issue has an $120 par value and pays an annual dividend of $6.20 per share. S

Life insurance and an individual universal life policy

Dan and Mary Green are in their mid-30s and have two children, ages 8 and 5. They have combined annual income of $95,000 and own a house in joint tenancy with a market value o

What is the firms net profit margin

A firm had net income of $100,000, taxes of $25,000 interest expenses of $10,000, cash of $15,000, depreciation of $12,000, and selling and administrative expenses of $120,000

What is pretax cost of debt-aftertax cost of debt

Shanken Corp. issued a 30-year, 6 percent semiannual bond 4 years ago. The bond currently sells for 95 percent of its face value. The company's tax rate is 35 percent. What is

Forecast brous sards additional funds needed for coming year

The after-tax profit margin is forecasted to be 3%, and the forecasted payout ratio is 60%. Use the AFN equation to forecast Brous-sard's additional funds needed for the com

Use the afn equation to forecast broussards additional funds

Broussard Skateboard's sales are expected to increase by 25% from $9.0 million in 2015 to $11.25 million in 2016. Its assets totaled $4 million at the end of 2015. Broussard i

What amount should be used initial cash outflow for projet

Sea Maters Inc. purchased a lot in Phenix City 6 years ago at a cost of $290,000. Today, that lot has a market value of $470,000. At the time of the purchase, the company spen

Research a company that is in the franchise business

Briefly describe the company’s franchise structure which you researched. Suggest one (1) way in which the company could improve its franchise structure to make it more attract


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