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You are the network engineer for ABC company. Business is booming, a lot of new staff has been hired recently, and the company is running out of office space. A new larger building has been purchased and you have been asked to design the network for the new building. The new building has 40 floors and each floor can house 50 staff. Based on this information where and why would you use static routes and / or dynamic routing protocols?

Reference no: EM13165704

Subnetting mask

Suppose a subnet with prefix Provide an example of one IP address (of the form which can be allocated to this network.

Describe the tcp three-way handshake

Describe the TCP three-way handshake - What is the handshake used for? Which two of the six TCP flags were set in the packets used to cause the TCP session to be closed or te

Explain the basic components and media of network systems

Explain the basic components and media of network systems and distinguish between LANs, MANs, and WANs. Summarize current networking standards and how standards bodies and the

What is the value of petabyte storage

ITECH 2201 Cloud Computing - According to IBM estimation, what is the percent of the data in the world today that has been created in the past two years and What is the value

Explain when station a detects first collision

A draws K=0 and B draws K=2n-1 in exponential backoff protocol. Ignore jam signal and interframe space and suppose that signal propagation speed in medium is 2*108 m/sec. Wh

Analyse data which involves analysing the traffic volume

To analyse the data (In traffic congestion) which involves analysing the traffic volume, travel time and speed, mapping areas of high congestion using Multiple ring buffer a

What are the services provided by tcp

Name four socket functions (C functions) used to create client/server applications. Name the five layers in a typical TCP/IP computer network. What are the services provided b

Considerations must be aware with email design

According to data from Marketing Sherpa, approximately 64% of "key decision makers" are reading messages on a BlackBerry or other mobile device. What considerations we mus


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