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Top Shelf Industries is considering remodeling a building that it leases to a retail store. The remodeling costs are estimated at $2.15 million. If it proceeds with the remodeling, the tenant has agreed to pay an additional $750,000 a year in rent for the next 4 years. The discount rate is 13 percent. What is the benefit of the remodeling project to Top Shelf Industries?

You are making a $35,000 investment and feel that a 10.6 percent rate of return is reasonable given the nature of the risks involved. You feel you will receive at least $8,000 in the first year, $27,000 in the second year, $32,000 in the third year, and potentially could see a cash outflow of $32,000 in the fourth year. What is the net present value of this investment given your expectations?

Reference no: EM13976190

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