Net income in dividends and share repurchases

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Felt water Furniture has 120,000 shares of stock outstanding. The firm expects to earn net income of $325,000 next year with annual increases of 3 percent per year thereafter. The firm also expects to pay out 75 percent of its net income in dividends and share repurchases. The required return is 14 percent. What is its share price?

Reference no: EM13722833

What is the standard deviation-geometric return

A stock has had returns of 11 percent, -8 percent, 6 percent, 21 percent, 24 percent, and 16 percent over the last six years. What is the arithmetic return? What is the geomet

What target sales ratio should the company set

Last year National Aeronautics had a FA/Sales ratio of 40%, comprised of $250 million of sales and $100 million of fixed assets. However, its fixed assets were used at only 45

Implications of government fiscal and monetary policies

Your final project, you will identify and analyze implications of macroeconomic variables for your chosen firm over the next five years using the research conducted for Mile

With interest credited to the account at end of each year

Suppose you deposit $5340 in a savings account that pays 4% annual interest, with interest credited to the account at the end of each year. How much money will be in the accou

The nominal annual yield-to-maturity on these bonds

Dexter Mills issued 25-year bonds two year ago at a coupon rate of 10 percent. The bonds make semi annual payments. The nominal annual yield-to-maturity on these bonds is 9 pe

Issue new stock to finance its capital budget

Assume that you are an intern with the Brayton Company, and you have collected the following data: The yield on the company's outstanding bonds is 7.75%; its tax rate is 40%;

Borrow the money from the credit union

James and Corrine are considering what to do about purchasing a new car. They plan to acquire a new 2016 Toyota Highlander. The dealer quotes a price of $40,000 with the optio

Corporation tax liability by corporate tax rate structure

The William B. Waugh Corporation is a regional Toyota dealer. The firm sells new and used trucks and I actively involved in the parts business. During the most recent year, th


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