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Part A:

1. Allison expects her monthly cash inflow after taxes to be $3000. She also has the following monthly expenses: Rent, $750; student loan payment, $200; utilities, $150; food, $300; recreation, $600; car expenses, $200; clothing, $150. What is Allison's net cash flow for the current month?

2. Judy has cash inflows of $3,000 for the month of June. Her expenses or cash outflows were $4,000. List two (2) options for Judy to meet her financial obligations in June and indicate the effect (increase or decrease) of these options on her assets and liabilities.

Part B: Describe how credit cards affect the following.

1. Your personal budget

2. Your income statement

3. Your balance sheet

Part C: Describe at least two (2) advantages and two (2) disadvantages of selling your home yourself instead of hiring a realtor.

Reference no: EM13741881

Briefly describe how investments baking is regulated

Identify the cost associated with going public. Briefly describe how investments baking is regulated. Describe the inroads into investments banking being made by comme

Possible for conflicts of interest

Even though firms follow the accounting rules (GAAP) when presenting their financial statements, it is still possible for conflicts of interest to exist between what managem

Corporate dividend policies

Here are many assertions about typical corporate dividend policies. Which of them are true? Write out a corrected version of any false statements.

What is the beta of portfolio

Portfolio Beta You own $25,000 of City Steel stock that has a beta of 3.35. You also own $40,000 of Rent-N-Co (beta = 1.80) and $21,000 of Lincoln Corporation (beta = -.80).

What is purina''s business?how would you describe its strate

1. What is Purinex's business?How would you describe its strategy? What do you think are the founders' goals and vision for the company? 2. What is the source of Purinex'svalu

How much are current assets what is the company quick ratio

A firm’s balance sheet contains $320 of cash, $2,000 of fixed assets, $1,380 of accounts receivable, $780 of accounts payable, $500 of inventory, and $1,000 on a revolving lin

What is the ytm

Ngata Corp. issued 14-year bonds 2 years ago at a coupon rate of 9.8 percent. The bonds make semiannual payments. If these bonds currently sell for 103 percent of par value,

Determining the particular terminal price

Given the initial DEW price of $40, what are the probabilities of observing each of the four terminal stock prices in one year? (Hint: In arriving at your answer, it will be


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