Nephrons occurs in the proximal tubule

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As the text noted, two-thirds of the water and solutes that the body reclaims by reabsorption in nephrons occurs in the proximal tubule. Proximal tubule cells have large numbers of mitochondria and demand a great deal of oxygen. Explain why.

Reference no: EM132280156

What is a personality disorder

2. What is a personality disorder? Give examples and descriptions of two specific types of personality disorders.3. For each of the following terms or phrases, do the followin

Discuss the use of enzymes in brewing

Commercially available enzymes are commonly used in breweries and distilleries. Discuss the use of enzymes in brewing and distilling describing the reactions they catalyse a

Type of periodic forest fire

When a fire burns through a forest on a regular basis, it burns in patches, rather than in a devastating way that destroys the entire forest. How does this type of periodic

Function of the immune system

According to the FDA,  immunotoxicity refers to any adverse effect on the structure or function of the immune system,  or on other systems as a result of immune system dysfu

Compare the skull of vertebrates

Compare the skull of each of the following vertebrates, Sarcopterygians, Labyrinthodont amphibians, Snake and Therapsida. You should include similarities and differences in th

Hypothesize an animal with a mutation

Assume you hypothesize that an animal with a mutation that affects conversion of the b form of glycogen synthase to the a form could not produce glycogen at functional levels.

Implement the model sustained virology response

A. Successful HCV treatment also called sustained virology response (SVR) is defined as a patient's viral load below the lower limit of quantification at a follow-up evaluat

What is the theoretical minimum amount of glucose

In yeast, ethanol is produced from glucose under anaerobic conditions. What is the maximum amount of ethanol (in millimoles) that could theoretically be produced under the f


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