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Norm is negotiating the sale of a tract of his land to Pat. Use the following classification scheme to classify each of the items contained in the proposed sales contract: Legend DARN = Decreases amount realized by Norm IARN = Increases amount realized by Norm DABN = Decreases adjusted basis to Norm IABN = Increases adjusted basis to Norm DABP = Decreases adjusted basis to Pat IABP = Increases adjusted basis to Pat

a. Norm is to receive cash of $50,000.

b. Norm is to receive Pat's note payable for $25,000, payable in three years.

c. Pat assumes Norm's mortgage of $5,000 on the land.

d. Pat agrees to pay the realtor's sales commission of $8,000.

e. Pat agrees to pay the property taxes on the land for the entire year. If each party paid his or her respective share, Norm's share would be $1,000 and Pat's share would be $3,000.

f. Pat pays legal fees of $500. g. Norm pays legal fees of $750.

Reference no: EM13343157

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