Neglecting kinetic energy changes

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Helium is to be compressed from 120 kpa and 340 K to 700 kPa and 460 K. A heat loss of 20 kJ/kg occurs during the compression process. Neglecting kinetic energy changes, determine the power input required for a mass flow rate of 89 kg/min. Round your answer to the nearest integer.


Reference no: EM13712455

A lunar transfer vehicle masses

A lunar transfer vehicle masses 50 tonnes (metric tons, or 1000 kg) fully fuelled, has a dry mass of 15 tonnes, which includes 5 tonnes of cargo. Assume lox/hydrogen engines w

What is the power requirement of the compressor

Methane gas is compressed at the rate of 3x104 m3/hr (as measured at 0.1013 MPa and 15C) from 0.69 MPa and 26.7C to 3.45 MPa. The compressor operates adiabatically and has an

Determine the rate of energy transfer from the air to water

Water enters one stream of an unmixed stream heat exchanger at 20°C and increases in temperature by 10°C. Air enters the second stream on the heat exchanger at 400°C and 5 kg/

Find the natural frequencies and modes

ENME352-16B: Dynamics Assignment. Using the MATLAB code given in Appendix 1, find the natural frequencies and modes. You will need to change the definition of elements of the

Calculate the mechanical and brake thermal efficiencies

For normal running at this speed the specific fuel consumption is 0.364 kg/kW h. The of the fuel is 44 2(0 kJ" kg. Calculate the mechanical and brake thermal efficiencies of

Calculate the pipe diameter

Calculate the pipe diameter D in inches to 2 decimal places required to give the fluid velocity of 4 ft/sec in the following situation: The formula for the velocity is given b

Determine temperature t

Methane gas (CH4) enters a compressor at 298 K, 1 bar and exits at 2 bar and temperature T. Employing the ideal gas model, determine T, in K, if there is no change in specif

What is the amount of heat transfer

A rigid tank contains 10 kg of air at 345 kPa and 27 Celsius. The air is now heated until its pressure doubles. What is the volume of the tank? What is the amount of heat tran


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