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Finland has a land area of 117943 square miles. If the total area of Finland is130,128 square miles, what percent of Finland's total are is water, to the nearest tenth of a percent?

Reference no: EM13799668

Compare and contrast conflict and functionalist perspectives

Discuss at least three of the manifest functions and one laten function that education provides. Compare and contrast the Conflict and Functionalist Perspectives on who rules

Describe treatment plans that exist for a female offender

Determine why studies indicate there is a higher level of mental illness in female offenders, including what factors are most significant in the higher rates of mental illne

Importance of collaboration in developing strategy

Discuss and describe the importance of collaboration and innovation in developing strategy - What common pitfalls do you notice with regard to collaboration, cooperation, and

Identify three ways in which naeyc and nafcc work

Identify three ways in which organizations such as the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and/or the National Association for Family Child Care

Explain what is meant by safe system of work

Explain what is meant by safe system of work (ii) What are the factors to be considered when developing a safe system of work? (iii) What are the benefits of doing a Job

The cold war got hot or flared up into actual fighting

Historical research involves four main tasks. Discover refers to the task of, What event marked the beginning of World War II, The Cold War got hot, or flared up into actual f

The alternatives to reputation that socrates-plato suggest

According to Plato, from whom or how does reputation arise? How is the persuit of reputation viewed? What are the alternatives to reputation that Socrates/Plato suggest?

Mental models helpful

What mental models do you have about attending a college or university lecture? Are these mental models helpful? Could any of these mental models hold you back from achievin


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