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Assume PI chooses Option 1 and establishes a 3-year exclusive contract with Naturals to buy their paint and supplies. Assume further that PI was sued 1 year into this 3-year contract period under product liability law (for example, if a client sued because of some problem directly resulting from use of Naturals paint), what liabilities could PI face under contract law if PI chose to cancel its 3-year exclusive contract with Naturals prior to the end of the 3 years. NOTE: You are to address contract law risks and liabilities, not product liability law.

Reference no: EM132184926

Culture through the processes of modernization

The focus is on how social change affects culture through the processes of modernization. This unit asks you to share a link to an article or film that provides evidence of

About the elasticity of the demand curve of gasoline

If the government were to increase taxes on gasoline, what will happen to the total government revenue? Why? What are you assuming about the elasticity of the demand curve of

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Describe FedEx Office and SameDay delivery manufacturing process and scheduling approach. You are consulting with a company that is failing. It seems the CEO (recently fired)

Differences between general partnership-limited partnership

Create a table of differences between a general partnership and a limited partnership. Identify those activities in which a limited partner may engage without forfeiting limit

Maximize the net present worth of these upgrades

A small electronics company is planning to expand two of its manufacturing plants. Formulate an optimization problem to maximize the net present worth of these upgrades.

Safety stock and expected annual shortage cost

Lee Camera stocks two items in its warehouse which it purchases from an outside supplier. Demand for the two items are independent; the inventory carrying percentage is 20% an

Determine at least two roles that human resource management

Determine at least two roles that human resource management has played in your current or future workplace. Provide specific examples to support your response. Analyze key mil

Make regardless of the economic environment

Managers have many decisions to make regardless of the economic environment. These could involve areas such as personnel, finance, operations, and planning and control systems


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