Naturalist association is going to court to proclaim

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"It is not enough to simply provide a citation for your answer, since I want to give you as much credit for your work as I can. Instead, write down your "Research Trail"; that is, tell me all the databases you choose to use and why you chose them, and provide me with all your search queries, spelling out your terms and your logic connectors. If you're doing this manually, provide me with your major legal topics and subtopics.

You are a member of the New England Naturalist Association, a non-business association chartered under the laws of Rhode Island. The principal purpose of the New England Naturalist Association is to provide activities for persons interested in nudism. For many years, your members have gathered during the summer months to swim unencumbered by bathing suits at Moonstone Beach. The federal government, which owns a segment of the land at Moonstone, is fed up with this activity and has started to arrest your members when they appear naked at Moonstone. The Naturalist Association is going to court to proclaim a violation of their constitutional rights. Will they prevail?"

Reference no: EM13137391

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