Natural religion vs. revealed religion

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Explain the Argument From Design and discuss Hume's criticism of it. Does Hume think the criticisms to be fatal to the argument? Doyou think them to be fatal to the argument?

I. Introduction

Give brief descriptions of the following terms:
a. Natural Religion vs. Revealed Religion
b. Essence and existence of an entity -- What is Hume discussing in the Dialogues?

II. Give a complete account of the Argument From Design as stated by cleanthes.

III. Philo's Critique

1. What is Philo's view of Argument by Analogy?
2. Does Philo think that Cleanthes' analogy between the physical universe and human artifacts (a house, a watch or a ship ) is strong enough to bear the weight of the argument? What arguments does Philo use to enforce his criticism?
3. Explain Philo's criticism of Cleanthes' assumption that thought (mind) is the only principle of the order in the universe.
4. What, according to Philo, are the logical implications of assuming an external cause of order in the universe (i.e. God's mind)?
5. What alternative does Philo provide to account for the presence of design or order in the universe?
6. What are the implications of Cleanthe' assertion that God's ming is similar to the human mind?

Reference no: EM13176932

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