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The purchase price of a natural? gas-fired commercial boiler? (capacity X) was $175,000 eight years ago. Another boiler of the same basic? design, except with capacity 1.46?X, is currently being considered for purchase. If it is? purchased, some optional features presently costing $30,000 would be added for your application. If the cost index was 162 for this type of equipment when the capacity X boiler was purchased and is 225 now, and the applicable cost capacity factor is 0.8, what is your estimate of the purchase price for the new?boiler?

Reference no: EM131388909

What is the opportunity cost

Suppose the Nation of Arcadia produces only two goods, teapots and surfboards. If Arcadia produces only teapots it can make 80 per day. If Arcadia produces only surfboards,

Is the president in charge of the national government

In your PERSONAL--and now INFORMED--JUDGMENT, what do YOU think: Is the president in charge of the national government? SPECIFICALLY, WHY did YOU take the position on this que

Elucidate the expected short-term impacts on firms

Analyze these indicators and prepare a 3-4 page report elucidate the expected short-term impacts on firms in any one of the following five industries in terms of product sal

Compensation is the reason for increased profits

Recently, the owner of a Trader Joe’s franchise decided to change how she compensated her top manager. Last year, she paid him a fixed salary of $75,000 and her store made $13

When two or more firms in a certain industry would be better

Use examples both numerical and explanations to make your case. Give an example of a real world situation where two or more firms in a certain industry would be better off i

Fixed costs and variable costs be made in the short run

1. Why can the distinction between fixed costs and variable costs be made in the short run? Classify the following as fixed or variable costs: advertising expenditures, fuel

General environment-economic trends and sociocultural trends

Using the six general trends of the general environment- Economic trends; Sociocultural trends; Political /Legal trends; Global trends; Technological trends; Demographic trend

What is chipotles short run total cost function

Suppose production function for burritos at Chipotle is Q =4k^1/2 L^1/2.They currently own 4 units of capital and are not able to change this during the short run. The rental


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