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Question: There are various types of water pollution. Water pollution occurs when contaminants enter a water body and the water body becomes impacted; farms, industries, and even homes can be a source of pollution.

Select 1 topic from the following list:

Acid rain
Salt water intrusion

Discuss the following in regard to your chosen topic:

Definition and explanation of your selected pollution topic
Causes and sources of this pollution
Impacts from the pollution issue both on the natural environment and ecosystems and on human populations
Recommended solutions to mitigate the problem

Include a minimum of 1 reference to reinforce your thoughts. Cite this source both in the text of your discussion and include at the end of your reference list.


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“Air pollution” is formed when acid chemicals are integrated into mist, fog or rain. The acid in rain comes from nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides, yields of “burning coal” and other fuels as well as from industrial procedures. The nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides are linked to 2 acids:

nitric acid & sulfuric acid. When nitrogen oxides & sulfur dioxides are unconstrained from power plants, with wind they blow away. If the “acid chemicals” in the air are blown into parts where the climate is wet, the acids can drop to Earth in the mist, fog or rain.

In parts where the climate is dry, the “acid chemicals” may become included into smokes or dusts. (Groups.molbiosci.northwestern.edu, 2015)

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